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Cleaning your skylight tips

How to clean a skylight

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A skylight is a wonderful feature in your more darker rooms, but with time they can accumulate a layer of dust so here are a few steps and tips you can follow to clean your skylight from the inside and outside.

To begin with cleaning the inside of your skylight means you need to clear the area of furniture below the skylight. Push your couches, bed, coffee table, cabinet to the side. If they feel too heavy for you to move simply cover them with a tarpaulin.

Get hold of a long pole to wrap a cloth around it and tie it down with some string. Get a bucket of water and drop in a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid together with some warm water. Dip the cloth into the sudsy water and then tie it down to one end of the pole. Hold up the pole and start wiping down the interior  side of your skylight. After you are satisfied that the entire area has been wiped down, remove the wet cloth and tie on a dry dishcloth or small towel onto your pole and dry the entire inside side of your skylight. Put all the furniture back on completion of the interior or simply remove the tarpaulin covering your furniture. We also recommend if you have a very grimy skylight that you add vinegar to the water instead of dishwashing liquid. The quantity is ½ cup of white wine vinegar in 3,8L of water.

Next you will be cleaning the exterior of your skylight. Get hold of a long ladder and carry up your bucket of soapy water and sponge. A sponge will work well on the exterior of your skylight. Wipe down the entire surface area. Next dry off the exterior of the skylight with a clean towel or dishcloth.

Take your bucket and sponge and cloth back down the ladder and stow the ladder away again. At the end of the day your skylight will be sparkling clean and the sunlight will enter your home properly again so you can enjoy a cosy, sunny room once more. The excess dirt that was casting a shadow will now be gone!

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