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Leaf Screening

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Cleaning gutters is hard work! Gutteroo is lucky to have specialists in the field who are fast, effective and offer results-driven quality. Our superior equipment enables us to approach any job with a positive attitude and our wide ranging services ensure we can offer you sound advice at every turn.

We receive a number of enquiries about the best types of gutter guards and we often advise there are three most popular types: screen, surface tension and fine mesh. While installation and pricepoints all vary, we would be happy to discuss the most cost effective choice for your home.

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-Available in a large array of shapes and materials
-Work well in situations where leaves are the primary problem
-The easiest to install

-The holes in these screens let fine dirt and debris enter the gutter system
-Screens themselves can become plugged

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Surface Tension Gutter Guards

-Works well with leaves and large debris
-Fine debris can enter but washes out the downspouts
-Surface can be easily cleaned

-Works only if the guard is installed at an angle similar to the slope of the roof
-Not always possible on long gutter runs
-Can cause debris dams if mounted high on a fascia

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Fine Mesh

-Blocks the smallest debris
-Easy to brush clean

-Screen can fill with particles like grit
-Can be easily damaged by ice and branches, ensure you opt for surgical stainless steel.

Call or email us today for the best leaf screening solutions regarding your property.

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