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best time to Clean your gutters

When is the best time to clean your gutters?

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Cleaning the gutters in your home should be done at the very least twice a year, but up to four times a year depending on where you live. Gutter cleaning is an essential home maintenance task which protects your home from leaks, fire damage and overflowing of water. Keeping your gutters clean and in a state of good repair reduces the risk of building problems down the track.

But, when is the best time to clean your gutters?

This mostly depends on where you live and the type of home you have. Usually, gutter cleaning takes place during the change of seasons. For example, the beginning of summer to avoid a fire hazard and the beginning of winter when the rains and storms batter your home and debris clogs up your gutters. Ensure that your gutters and drains are all clear and free at the beginning of these two main seasons and seek out other cleaning services to maintain your home between seasons..

Take a look at your surroundings. If trees or woodland surround your home, you probably want to clean your gutters quarterly as debris will frequently make it to your gutters and birds and other animals may decide to make your guttering a lovely comfortable home. 

Severe weather dictates when you should clean your gutters

After severe weather, it’s wise to check your guttering. After a severe storm, for example, roof tiles may have come loose, and guttering may have given way. Do a spot check for any damage or large pieces of debris which are clogging the downpipes. Reversely, if you know a storm is likely in a few days, do a quick check to ensure there are no blockages.

Schedule regular gutter cleaning with a professional. Call your local gutter cleaner and pre-book your gutter cleaning, so you don’t forget. You then have peace of mind as they will know the best time to clean your gutters. A professional can check your guttering twice a year, or quarterly to ensure that repairs are spotted and fixed fast. All blockages are then left cleaned, leaving you with sparkling, free-flowing gutters all year round!

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