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What is the best cleaner to clean gutters?

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Cleaning and maintaining your gutters is an essential part of your regular home maintenance. Keeping gutters clean, sanitised and free of debris protects the structural integrity of your home and also prevents leaks, overflows, drainage problems and in worst cases, fire damage.

There are lots of gutter cleaners out on the market and choosing one can seem a little confusing. Making the right choice depends on the size of your property, the complex nature of your guttering, and the location. Where you live plays a big part in choosing the right gutter cleaner. 

If you live in a single storey home in the suburbs then rinsing your gutters with a pressured hose should work perfectly adequately as part of your cleaning routine. If you are only cleaning your gutters out twice a year, then you may also wish to consider a natural alternative. Creating a simple solution of white wine vinegar and water can clean and sanitise your guttering and downpipes without causing corrosion.

Avoid toxic gutter cleaning chemicals

If you are choosing to use a cleaning chemical avoid anything toxic, or so powerful, it could stain, and worst-case corrode your guttering. Also, consider that whatever you push through your guttering will end up in the drain and affecting local waterways. Always choose an environmentally friendly and green cleaning certified PH neutral chemical.

There are also specifically created gutter cleaning chemicals. These have a hit and miss reputation, so do your research first. Gutter cleaning chemicals are excellent when it comes to destroying microorganisms, spores and diseases such as wood rot. However, they can also ruin your guttering and surrounding plants and trees. Read the labels carefully and follow the instructions to the letter.

It’s advisable if you live in a home which needs regular gutter cleaning, you contact a gutter cleaning professional. They will clean your gutters safely, but they can also assess and repair any damage they spot along the way!

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