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never cleaning your gutters

What happens if you never clean your gutters?

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If you want to maintain the integrity of your house and avoid upsetting the neighbours, then you need to clean your gutters regularly. Never cleaning your gutters can cause all sorts of problems. However, if the job seems too big, complicated, or time-consuming, lock in a local professional gutter cleaner. They can bring all the tools and do it for you!

Never cleaning your gutters causes:-

Water Damage

If water cannot travel freely along the gutters and into the downpipe, water will overflow and pour out from any avenue it can. This causes a terrible, annoying noise in heavy rainfall, but can also be dangerous. The water can seep into the structure of the building, causing cracks and water stains and the heaviness of the overflowing water can put pressure on your guttering causing it to sag, break and fall. 

An ideal holiday home for creepy crawlies and pests

Damp, dark, wood and leaf-filled gutters create a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of insects. A population of insects becomes attractive to birds who will flock to your guttering and looking for a tasty treat

Wood rot

If your gutters are left for an extended period of time you put your home at risk. Gutters stuffed full of wood and tree debris mean wood rot will likely emerge and mould spores will grow. Wood rot can quickly work its way through broken guttering and cracks and into the wooden beams of your home, causing terrible damage.

A fire hazard for your home

If you live in rural Australia, keeping your home fire safe is of utmost importance. However, all homes need to protect themselves from extreme heatwaves in the summer and bush fires. Not cleaning your gutters turns your home into a tinder box and is accelerated if gutters are full of dried debris.

Never cleaning your gutters will cost you in the long term. It can also make your house a danger in which to live. Remember to also remove rubbish from your garden and home before fire season starts. Be sure to clean out your gutters at least twice a year and book a professional gutter cleaner to do a good job.

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