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clogged gutters

What damage can clogged gutters cause?

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When was the last time you checked and cleaned your gutters? If you can’t remember, then there’s a good chance that your gutters may have blockages which can cause severe damage to your home. 

Clogged gutters can cause all sorts of problems, not just to your guttering system. If left alone for an extended period of time, clogged gutters can cause some serious issues in your building and home.

Water damage

The most obvious and easy to spot a clogged gutter issue is water leakage. Seeking out water overflow will show gutter damage as ensuring flow is the sole reason gutters are in place. Clogged gutters cause water to overflow down the side of buildings. It damages the facade, wood and cladding from water staining through to wood rot and expansion.

Damage to building foundations

Water seeping through your building can take hold and cause cracks to the foundations. Paint can start to peel and crack, and structural beams can become damaged and infested with a wood-rotting disease caused by dampness. 

Clogged gutters cause visible damage to your home

Clogged gutters don’t only damage the outside of your house. Water damage can cause damage and mould to appear in windows, around door frames and on ceilings and walls. Paint can start to bubble and mould may appear. Once you identify any changes to your home you must check and get professionally cleaned.

It’s essential to check your gutters and clean them out at least twice a year to avoid any of these building issues happening to your home. Speak to your local gutter cleaning expert and find out how best to maintain your home and gutter system. 

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