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gutters are clogged

How do I know if my gutters are clogged?

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Most people are aware that gutters need to be maintained a couple of times a year to prevent damage and be fire safe, but how do you know your gutters are clogged, and how do you manage the gutter repairs?

More birds and pests than usual

Has the dawn chorus got louder and louder at your home? Is the chirping waking you up in the morning? Can you hear the scampering of possums outside your window at night and are ants marching their way into your home? These could be clues, letting you know that your gutters are blocked. Blocked gutters are a haven for pests, insects and birds and if you’ve noticed a change, then there could be a birds nest on top of your blocked downpipe, or the local possums may have discovered your clogged drains are a haven for tasty insects.

Unusual gutter noise when it rains

When there is a torrential downpour, you are likely to notice right away that your gutters are clogged. Water will overflow, and instead of heading to the downpipe it will pour off the edge of the guttering. This is what causes the loud noise as the water pours over the edge when it rains. Where the overflow happens will give you a good indication of where the blockage is. However, only head up to investigate and repair after the rain has stopped for safety reasons.

Changes in the outside appearance of your home

Take a walk around the outside of your house and look for stains or watermarks coming down from the guttering, as blockages and a clogged gutter could cause this. Also, take a close look at the guttering itself, are there parts of the guttering which are sagging or broken? Sagging guttering pipes is a clear sign that a blockage and debris have clogged up and the weight is pushing down the guttering.

Flora and fauna growing on your roof

Have you noticed thick moss, or plants creeping down from your roof and gutters? If you see extra greenery, it may mean that plants are thriving due to debris composting in your blocked guttering. Clear out your gutters and tidy up your garden, removing garden rubbish prevents climbers from reaching your guttering.
If you think you have blocked gutters and don’t have any experience in climbing ladders, contact an experienced gutter cleaner.  A gutter professional can come out, clear any blockages and repair any damaged parts of guttering to avoid issues further down the line.

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