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How do you price gutter cleaning?

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Pricing gutter cleaning can vary dependent on several factors. Rarely, there is one cost per house, unless you are accessing a new customer gutter cleaning deal as most homes are different with different considerations.

Size of your home

The size and shape of your home should be shared at the quote stage to give your professional gutter cleaner a clear picture of your home, and the time it will take to complete the gutter cleaning job. If you have plans of the outside of your house, know the square footage, or better still the metre length of your gutters, be sure to share them. 

How many storeys does your home have?

Is your home one, two or three storeys high? If you live in a single storey, square-shaped home with a simple roof, then you are likely to get a much lower price than if you have a brand new, three-storey house with multi-level roofing. Why? Well, firstly the time it takes will be much shorter, and if you have a multi-storey home, there may be a need for more than one person on the job, ladders, safety nets and sometimes even a harness.

What type of gutter do you have?

Are your gutters old and narrow? Or are they brand new with easy access to clean and unlock debris? Are your gutters built in a simple geometric shape, or are they are hard to access due to a large tree, or another building impeding access?

Safety precautions when gutter cleaning

Safety is always the first priority when it comes to professional gutter cleaning. This means the cost may rise for more complicated jobs. Your gutter cleaner may need an extra pair of hands to steady the ladder. They may also need to install safety nets and harnesses to not only protect the cleaner but also to protect others from falling debris. A reputable gutter cleaner will also have operating costs such as insurances and training certification. Ask for these to ensure that you have a professional tradesman at your property. Too cheap may be a warning sign. If the deal seems too good to be true, the company may not be professional and you could end up with a shoddy job.

Additional jobs for your gutter cleaner

It makes sense to check for other jobs at the gutter height, which may need completing while someone is up there completing the gutter cleaning job. For example, they can check for gutter repairs, damage, conduct cleaning, tile checks and sometimes minor paint jobs. These added-value jobs may add to your quote but will be far cheaper than getting a separate tradesperson in.

Ultimately you need to spend a little bit of time to get a good price. Check out reviews, ask your neighbours, or local Facebook group to seek a reputable gutter cleaner in your suburb. Give as much detail as you can and take into account all the services offered before choosing a quote and going ahead with the job.

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